Confocal Microscopy Interactive Tutorials

Section Overview:

Explanations for many of the exceedingly complex concepts in laser scanning confocal microscopy can significantly benefit from the assistance of interactive tutorials that enable the student to obtain instantaneous (real-time) response to changes in variables. The tutorials in section address the basic aspects of confocal microscopy instrumentation, laser systems, detectors, image processing, resolution, contrast, and many other aspects of the technique. All interactive Java tutorials require the Java Virtual Machine, which is available without cost as a browser plug-in from Sun Microsystems.

Confocal Microscope Simulators

Confocal Microscope Systems

Lasers for Confocal Microscopy

Fluorophores for Confocal Microscopy

Resolution, Contrast, and Sampling in Confocal Microscopy

Confocal Microscope Detectors